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While every city has its unique events and people, Santa Fe is, in many ways, the "City Different."  Santa Fe, to this day, has surviving diverse cultures, and numerous exciting, and sometimes quirky, annual events like the burning of Zozobra.  Santa Fe is a cross-roads where art meets science and ancient meets future . . .

History of  Santa Fe

The founding of Santa Fe and New Mexico's journey to Statehood is a tale of many twisty turns. During this time, flags of four different countries have flown over the State of New Mexico: Spain, Mexico, the Confederate States of Amercia, and the United States of America. Today the primary cultures influencing this beautiful high desert community are Native American (still thriving in The19 pueblos), Hispanic, and Anglo-Saxon.  These people have grown to create a harmonious co-existence, respecting each other's culture, resulting in a highly spiritual feeling that one can interpret in a plethora of ways.  These  cultures, along with the blue skies and dramatic landscape, combine into a magnificent recipe that attracts artists, scientists, and many others of all walks of life; each with a personal interest in exploring the many facets of nature, humankind, or our universe.

Santa Fe offers some of the finest dining available in the United States. For a relatively small city, the dining choices are mind boggling! From very reasonable prices for a delicious Cowboy Bowl and coffee (and free WI-FI) at the New Baking Co. to the bring-greenbacks-aplenty five-course dinner featuring a main course of peppery elk tenderloin with apple wood smoked bacon at Geronimo's, Santa Fe has it all.
Things To Do
If you like music, then Santa Fe is the right place for you. From the evening life (with a nice touch of nightlife) to the performing arts, Santa Fe has something for everyone.  Check out New Mexcio's Tourism Department to see what is happening in Santa Fe and around New Mexico.
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Santa Fe offers a wide variety of educational institutions including public, private, charter, and alternative schools; secondary schools offering college prepatory curricula and some emphasizing studies in math and science. Santa Fe even has numerous colleges such as the Santa University of Art and Design, St. John's College, and Santa Fe Community College to name just a few.
Employment opportunities are available in the retail, food, and tourism industries; and of course, in science and technology, and education. Additionally, the State of New Mexico employs many people in Santa Fe.

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